About Us

For over 5 years, Lean 5S Products has been leading the way in implementing shadow boards as an integral part of continuous improvement, 5S and lean management initiatives throughout the manufacturing sector.

We produce quality customized visual 5S lean management tools such as Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations, Informational & Organizational Boards, to every kind of industry.

Our boards can be made in customized sizes and located in many different areas of your process or plant. The key is that they are appropriately located and hold all the necessary tools for your area or work station.


Our products can be separated into 3 main categories.

Tool Shadowboards:

  • All bespoke to your requirements
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Digital print and lamination
  • Our In house design team create “shadows” for specific tooling
  • Choice of Wall Mounted, Free Standing or Mobile
  • Branding, logos, images etc included

5S Cleaning Stations

  • All bespoke to your requirements
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Digital print and lamination, your logo or department included
  • Choice of wall mounted, free standing or mobile

Organizational Boards

  • These take many guises. All bespoke
  • Display your 5S Lean information VISUALLY to your work colleagues
  • Include KPI’s, A4 display frames or information
  • Options for dry-wipe or magnetic surfaces
  • Branding, logos and/or images included

What are the benefits of 5S for your company?

  1. SAFETY: Your organizations concern is a significant contributor to workplace morale and pride. Taking care of tools and equipment makes your workforce feel better! Making sure the workspace is safe for everyone.
  2. SPACE: Clearing away waste in any process is one of the main aspects of Lean 5S manufacturing. There maybe increased savings to be had by just good house keeping
  3. PRODUCTIVITY: Factory production rates are paramount to any company embarking on 5S. Ensure tools and equipment are close to hand to cut travel time around the areas. Wasted Motion is just waste.
  4. DEFECTIVE ITEMS: The visual nature of shadow boards enable defective or deteriorating items to be highlighted as such and replaced quickly.

In summary

 Reduce consumable costs
 Maximise utensil or tool life
 Be more compliant.
 Curtail minor non-conformances
 Reinforce colour coding policies.